Time Machine Directions

Step 1: Go to the Form Page to download and print one of each sheet.

Step 2: Go to the Links Page to find a site that will give you information about EVENTS that occurred on your birthday.

Step 3: Choose an EVENT that interests you. Make sure that it is something that will keep your interest and it really shouldn't occur in the country that you live in.

Step 4: Write down the event on all of your forms.

Step 5: Put the site that you used to find the event on your source form as your first source.

Step 6: Your next step is to complete Internet Searches to answer the questions on the Inspiration Chart. Remember to write down the sources you get information from on your source form as you go. If you need help with search engines, use the Search Links to find special Search Engines that will help you.

Step 7: If you find other information that you might like to include in your end project, write that down on your note form.

Step 8: Once you have all of your answers completed on the Inspiration Chart, you need to tell people about your trip in your time machine. You may want to write a story, you might want to write a song, you might to draw a comic, you might want to find pictures on the Internet and make them into a story by recording your voice. The sky is the limit! Be creative!

Step 9: After you've completed your project, you need to put it on-line. Ask your teacher for help with this part!

Step 10: Type your source form into Microsoft Word so that you give credit to those people whose work helped you make your project a success!

Each week you need to post something to tell me what you've done in our blog. Please click here to go to our blog and our blog directions.

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