Computer Lab Rules for Teachers

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1. Supervise all students in the lab at all times.

2. All students must be logged in as "hslab_" not as "hstechnology". The number is printed on the outside cover of the black book next to the computer.

3. Please have your students write with a pen instead of a pencil unless it is absolutely necessary due to the large amounts of dirt that it produces.

4. Please have an extra activity for your students to complete if they happen to finish early. Searching the internet for cell phones and sneakers is not appropriate unless they are going to use it as part of a shopping activity.

5. The two computers in the front of the room on the adjustable tables are for students with special needs. These are set-up in a specific way and they have a special log-in. If you need to use them, log-in with the codes on the black book.

6. Before you leave the lab:
  • make sure everyone has logged off the computers,
  • the wipe board is clean if it was used,
  • the areas around the computers are clean,
  • anything that has been borrowed has been put back, and
  • the chairs are pushed in.

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