Mission Three

Animals are affected tremendously by environmental issues. This week, each team will study an indicator species from the country they have studied. Begin by defining the following:

  • Indicator species
  • Keystone species
  • Preservation
  • Ecosystem
  • Extinction
  • Endangered
  • Diversity
  • Deforestation

Students will be asked to research and prepare an awareness campaign for their assigned species. This presentation may include:

  • Poster or visual aid (if video equipment or editing software is available, this is preferred)
  • Facts about the animals (phyiscal description, food sources, unique traits)
  • Facts about the habitats (location, other animals or plant life in the area)
  • Environmental issues surrounding the animal and it's ecosystem, including how humans affect it
  • Actions taken to alleviate these environmental issues
  • Ways we can help limit the negative human impact

Mission 3 Lesson Plan - Earth Science
Mission 3 Lesson Plan - Economics
Definition Worksheet
Awareness Campaign Rubric

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