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This fall, students in Mr. Lobb, Mr. Ristau, and Mr. Ryland's Earth Science classes and Ms. Gill's Economics class will be participating in a special project that takes them on a trip around the world with students from around the country. The organization Earthwatch has a special program called Earthbound where they send three high school students who are willing to take a year off of school (Don't get excited...they have to make it up!!!) on a trip around the world in ten months to study environmental issues in different countries. This year, the television show of Earthbound3's trip will be shown on Discovery Kids Channel and Discovery opened up the Year On Earth Project to some special teachers from the Discovery Educator Network to get involved.

Our mission is to learn about environmental issues in one of the countries that the Earthbound3 team traveled to as well as information about that country and share it with the other schools that are involved around the country. Throughout the time that we are working on the project, we will be using various forms of technology to learn about the environment and the issues that are affecting Thailand. Each week, we will post our finished projects on the Year On Earth wiki and see what the other teams are learning about their countries as well. We will be watching the show and discussing what happened while they were on their journey. Hopefully we will even have some special surprises as we work on this project!

Good luck and enjoy!
Click here for a sneak peak at the trailer for the series: Year on Earth

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Through i-Earn, we have made contact with a school in Thailand. We will be working with Yannawate Witthayakhom School to get answers straight from the source! More information to come...

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